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ITI Welder Course in Moga, Punjab | YRS Institute Moga

Course Description

YRS Industrial Training Institute, Moga (Punjab) ensures the best academic and career prospects in the field of ITI which makes YRS ITI a Best ITI in Punjab. There is a prerequisite for engineers with fitting information on welding who could assist and handle the welding occupation. Welders collect and create metal structures utilizing the measuring, shaping, and cutting instruments along with using several welding machines to keep up or repair the metal hardware or the equipment of different sizes. Their task is to produce the metal items as required or ordered by the client or manager determinations. Moreover, they use all the precautionary measures while working such as wearing specific caps, goggles, and gloves. Thus, in one of the diplomas offered by YRS ITI i.e. ITI Welder- a craftsman trade; the students are given with the specialization in fusing materials together and an extensive knowledge of various welding techniques, including MIG (metal inert gas) Welding, TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, arc welding and gas welding. The students are also taught the application of heat to repair and fabricate metal structures, machinery, and other equipment and to permanently join the metal parts. All you need to have is the required finesse, physical well-being and a good grasp of machine learning. Welding career paths may include working for contracting and construction companies building permanent and temporary infrastructures, repairing military equipment, manufacturing cars, rail coaches or ships, refineries or working various pipelines jobs.

Course Duration

One year consisting of two semesters

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum educational qualification for the aspirants seeking admission to this trade is to must have completed their middle class examination i.e. 8th standard from a recognized board.

Admission Process

To get admission into ITI Welder, the candidates must fill an admission form available in the college’s prospectus. The candidates can get the prospectus from the admission cell of the college by making a payment of Rs. 200/-.

Key Focus

  • Machinery used in the trade
  • Introduction to safety equipment and their use etc.
  • Lighting and setting of flame
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Importance of Welding in Industry
  • Metal Arc Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
  • Arc and Gas Welding Equipment, tools and accessories
  • Various Welding Processes and its applications
  • The different process of metal joining, bolting, riveting, soldering, brazing, seaming, etc.
  • Types of welding joints and its applications
  • Edge preparation and fit-up for the different thickness
  • Straight-line beads on M.S. 10 mm thick in flat position by 3.15 mm 9 electrodes by arc welding
  • Basic electricity applicable to arc welding and related electrical terms & definitions
  • Principle of Manual Metal Arc Welding arc welding
  • Arc welding power sources-Transformer, Motor Generator set, Rectifier and Inverter type welding machines
  • Welding positions: flat-horizontal-vertical and overhead position, Weld slope and rotation
  • Welding and gas cutting torches and types
  • Distortion in welding and methods employed to minimize distortion
  • Resistance welding- the principle of resistance welding - types and applications
  • Welding Technique-Right Hand-Left Hand - Explanation

Job prospects

  • Master Welder in development organizations such as boats, autos and other transport
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Car Manufacturing Industries
  • Refineries